Q. How can I extend the life of my ping pong paddle?

With No Upkeep
With Proper Upkeep

A. ​To maximize the lifetime performance of your table tennis equipment, you should abide by these guidelines.​

      1. ​Avoid leaving your paddle in extreme heat, such as inside of a car on a hot day.​
      2. Use rubber cleaner to refresh your rubbers after every use.​
      3. Avoid using water as a rubber cleaner for your paddle.
      4. ​When traveling, utilize a hard case for proper protection.
      5. ​Store your paddle inside of a case to avoid dust collecting on the rubbers between use.​

Private Training

$69.97 /hr

$62.70 /hr with 10% discount.

/ 1-on-1 Class Times /

  • Flexible any day of the week.
  • Minimum 1 hour session.
  • Please reserve in advance.

/ 2-on-1 Class Times /

  • Flexible any day of the week.
  • Minimum 1.5 hour session.
  • Please reserve in advance.

Group Training

$29.97 /hr

$26.97 /hr with 10% discount.

/ Adult Class Times /

  • Thursday: 7:30-8:30pm​.
  • Avg 5 students per class.​
  • Please reserve in advance.

/ Youth Class Times /

  • Saturday: 12:00-2:00pm​.
  • Sunday: 12:00-2:00pm​.
  • Avg 5 students per class.​
  • Please reserve in advance.

Best Value Robot

iPong [Topspin]

​A​n excellent practice partner for beginning and intermediate level players.

/ ROBOT PRICE: 49.95 /

  • Variable speed setting.
  • Wired remote control.
  • Turn to alter placement.
  • Ball capacity: 100+!

/ BUNDLE PRICE: 128.80 /

  • iPong [Topspin] Robot​.
  • 80 iPong 40+ Poly balls.​
  • iPong ball catch net​.
  • iPong Tilt Stand.

Advanced Robot

i​Pong [V300]

Suitable for high level table tennis training when bundled with catch net.

/ ROBOT PRICE: $179.95 /

  • Topspin & backspin setting.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Oscillation feature.
  • Ball capacity: 100+!

/ BUNDLE PRICE: $258.80 /

  • iPong [V300] Robot​.
  • 80 iPong 40+ Poly balls​.
  • iPong ball catch net​.
  • iPong Tilt Stand.

Weekly Events

Engage in friendly competitions!


  • Every weekend, alternating between Saturday and Sunday each week. 

Coach Anh

    USATT Rating Peak 2399

Coach Kevin

    NCTTA National Bronze Medal

Ranked Matches

Compete with advanced level players.


  1. ​[Coach] Anh N: LA, 12/20
  2. [Coach]​ Kevin K: LA, 12/20
  3. [Member] Wenqing L: LA, 12/15
  4. [Member] Tom L: LA, 12/15
  5. [Member] Santanu D: LA, 12/15
  6. [Member] Tuan L: LA, 12/15
  7. [Member] Ralph B: LA,12/6
  8. [Member] Sovann O: LA, 12/6​
  9. ​[Member] Ashish A: LA, 12/6
  10. [Player] Edward L: LA, 12/15


Youth Players

TopSpin’s students compete for prizes!


  • Coming soon!

Upcoming Event

Purchase tickets online for glow ping pong.

/ Saturday, 12/15 /

Private Parties

Organize a private glow ping pong event.



Full Access Membership

​​Youth, adult, and family level choices.


  • ​Unlimited play M-F:3-10pm & S-S:2-8pm.
  • ​Free tournament entry.

Full Access Plus

​​Youth, adult, and family level choices.


  • Unlimited play M-F:3-10pm & S-S:2-8pm.
  • ​Free tournament entry.
  • Free special event attendance.
  • Free guest pass for playing partner.
  • 5% discount on equipment orders.
  • Four complimentary group coaching hours per month.

Single Day Pass

One day pass available M-F:3-10pm & S-S:2-8pm.

​​​$15 per player day pass open to the public​.
​​​Singles or groups, all levels.


Tournament Pass

Weekly Club Tournaments open to all skill levels!

$10 Entry Open To Public.
(Advance registration required)​
​​Free entry for FAM+ and ​​​FAM.

​2:30​-5:00pm, all levels.​

/ SUNDAY 1/6/19 /

/ Saturday  1/12/19 /

/ SUNDAY 1/20/19 /

/ SATURDAY 1/26/19 /

The TopSpin RED paddle, signed by your party guests in metallic marker. ​​$44.99 per paddle.


The TopSpin | Table Tennis | Ping Pong

Professional Lessons

Advance registration required for all lesson formats.

Private Training, 1-on-1 with a professional coach.

Buy  lessons online. $​​69.97 /hr, or save 10% [$62.70 /hr].

      • Flexible class times any day of the week.
      • Minimum 1 hour session.
Semi-Private Training, 2-on-1 with a professional coach.​

Buy lessons online. $​​69.97 /hr, or save 10% [$62.70 /hr].

        • Flexible class times any day of the week.
        • Minimum 1.5 hour session.
    Group Training, 3-6 players with a professional coach.

    Buy lessons online. $​​29.97 /hr, or save 10% [$26.97 /hr].​

        • [Adult Group] Thursday Group: 7:30pm-8:30pm​.
        • [Youth Group] Saturday: 12:00pm-2:00pm.
        • [Youth Group] Sunday: 12:00pm-2:00pm​.

    [Q]. Can I visit The TopSpin by myself and find a partner?​
    [A].​​ Absolutely! Peak drop in play hours, during which time you can most easily match up with another player are [M-F, 6:00pm-9:00pm] and [S-S, 3:00pm-6:00pm]. Outside of these peak hours, we recommend bringing a friend to play with or anticipating renting a ping pong robot at The TopSpin for $10 per hour.
    [Q]. Can I buy ping pong equipment at The TopSpin?​
    [A]. Absolutely! More than 600 unique Butterfly and Joola ping pong products, ranging from recreational to professional in quality, are available through The TopSpin. A wide selection of these items are available in store where they can be viewed in person, but equipment orders may also be placed over the phone by calling 408-438-3081.
    [Q]. Does The TopSpin offer lessons for kids and/or adults?​
    [A]. Absolutely! Click here to meet our coaches.
    [Q]. What types of coaching does The TopSpin offer?​
    [A]. Three formats are offered. Group sessions meet at scheduled lesson times, while private or semiprivate classes may be scheduled any day of the week!
    [Q]. How do I schedule a private event reservation at The TopSpin?​
    [A]. Begin your reservation process by inquiring on our website. Click here to make your event reservation inquiry. Private event rentals of 10-50+ can be accommodated. Catering may be arranged yourself or provided by The TopSpin.
    ​​​M-F: 3:00pm - 10:00pm

    ​​ ​S-S:  2:00pm - 8:00pm