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Q. How can I extend the life of my ping pong paddle?

With No Upkeep
With Proper Upkeep

A. ​To maximize the lifetime performance of your table tennis equipment, you should abide by these guidelines.​

      1. ​Avoid leaving your paddle in extreme heat, such as inside of a car on a hot day.​
      2. Use rubber cleaner to refresh your rubbers after every use.​
      3. Avoid using water as a rubber cleaner for your paddle.
      4. ​When traveling, utilize a hard case for proper protection.
      5. ​Store your paddle inside of a case to avoid dust collecting on the rubbers between use.​

Private Training

$69.97 /hr

$62.70 /hr with 10% discount.

/ 1-on-1 Class Times /

  • Flexible any day of the week.
  • Minimum 1 hour session.
  • Please reserve in advance.

/ 2-on-1 Class Times /

  • Flexible any day of the week.
  • Minimum 1.5 hour session.
  • Please reserve in advance.

Group Training

$29.97 /hr

$26.97 /hr with 10% discount.

/ Adult Class Times /

  • Thursday: 7:30-8:30pm​.
  • Avg 5 students per class.​
  • Please reserve in advance.

/ Youth Class Times /

  • Saturday: 12:00-2:00pm​.
  • Sunday: 12:00-2:00pm​.
  • Avg 5 students per class.​
  • Please reserve in advance.

Best Value Robot

iPong [Topspin]

​A​n excellent practice partner for beginning and intermediate level players.

/ ROBOT PRICE: 49.95 /

  • Variable speed setting.
  • Wired remote control.
  • Turn to alter placement.
  • Ball capacity: 100+!

/ BUNDLE PRICE: 128.80 /

  • iPong [Topspin] Robot​.
  • 80 iPong 40+ Poly balls.​
  • iPong ball catch net​.
  • iPong Tilt Stand.

Advanced Robot

i​Pong [V300]

Suitable for high level table tennis training when bundled with catch net.

/ ROBOT PRICE: $179.95 /

  • Topspin & backspin setting.
  • Wireless remote control.
  • Oscillation feature.
  • Ball capacity: 100+!

/ BUNDLE PRICE: $258.80 /

  • iPong [V300] Robot​.
  • 80 iPong 40+ Poly balls​.
  • iPong ball catch net​.
  • iPong Tilt Stand.

Weekly Events

Engage in friendly competitions!


  • Every weekend, alternating between Saturday and Sunday each week. 

Coach Anh

    USATT Rating Peak 2399

Coach Kevin

    NCTTA National Bronze Medal

Ranked Matches

Compete with advanced level players.


  1. ​[Coach] Anh N: LA, 12/8
  2. [Coach]​ Kevin K: LA, 12/8
  3. [Member] Tom L: LA, 12/11
  4. [Member] Santanu D: LA, 12/11
  5. [Member] Wenqing L: LA, 12/9
  6. [Member] Tuan L: LA, 12/9
  7. [Staff] Kavosh H​​
  8. [Member] Ralph B: LA,12/6
  9. [Member] Sovann O: LA, 12/6​
  10. ​[Member] Ashish A: LA, 12/6


Youth Players

TopSpin’s students compete for prizes!


  • Coming soon!

Upcoming Event

Purchase tickets online for glow ping pong.

/ Saturday, 12/15 /

Private Parties

Organize a private glow ping pong event.



Full Access Membership

​​Youth, adult, and family level choices.


  • ​Unlimited play M-F:3-10pm & S-S:2-8pm.
  • ​Free tournament entry.

Full Access Plus

​​Youth, adult, and family level choices.


  • Unlimited play M-F:3-10pm & S-S:2-8pm.
  • ​Free tournament entry.
  • Free special event attendance.
  • Free guest pass for playing partner.
  • 5% discount on equipment orders.
  • Four complimentary group coaching hours per month.

Single Day Pass

One day pass available M-F:3-10pm & S-S:2-8pm.

​​​$15 per player day pass open to the public​.
​​​Singles or groups, all levels.


Tournament Pass

Weekly Club Tournaments open to all skill levels!

$10 Entry Open To Public.
Free entry for FAM+ and ​​​FAM.

2:30​-5:00pm, all levels.

/ SUNDAY 12/9/18 /

/ SATURDAY 12/15/18 /

/ SUNDAY 1/6/19 /

The TopSpin RED paddle, signed by your party guests in metallic marker. ​​$44.99 per paddle.


Shop Ping Pong Paddles

Build your own custom Pro. paddle in 3 steps.

      1. ​​​​​​​Choose your rubber.
      2. Choose your blade​.
      3. Enter address and pay.​​​​



Timo Boll Control

  • ​​​All wood blade.
  • Rated: 6/10.
  • Well controlled attacking shots.​

SK Carbon

  • T5000 carbon blade.
  • Rated: 8/10.
  • Thin and lightweight for offensive play.

Timo Boll Spirit

  • Arylate carbon blade.
  • Rated: 8/10.
  • Great for looping and smashing.


  • ​Arylate carbon blade.
  • Rated: 8/10.
  • Excellent flex. and balance. 

Timo Boll ZLC

  • ​ZL-carbon blade.
  • Rated: 9/10.
  • Great for looping and smashing.

Zhang Jike ZLC

  • ZL-carbon blade.
  • Rated: 9/10.
  • Soft feeling AND powerful attack.

Zhang Jike SZLC

  • ​Super Zl-carbon blade.
  • Rated: 10/10.
  • Power AND control in high-reaction area.


[Q]. Can I visit The TopSpin by myself and find a partner?​

[A].​​  Absolutely! Peak drop in play hours, during which time you can most easily match up with another player are 6:00pm-9:00pm M-F and 3:00pm-6:00pm S-S. Outside of these peak hours, we recommend bringing a friend to play with or anticipating renting a ping pong robot at The TopSpin.

[Q]. Can I buy ping pong equipment at The TopSpin?​

[A].  Absolutely! More than 600 unique Butterfly and Joola ping pong products, ranging from recreational to professional in quality, are available through The TopSpin. A wide selection of these items are available in store where they can be viewed in person, but equipment orders may also be placed  over the phone by calling 408-438-3081

[Q]. Does The TopSpin offer lessons for kids and/or adults?​

[A].  Absolutely! Click here for training information or click here to meet our coaches.

[Q]. What types of coaching does The TopSpin offer?​

[A].  Three formats are offered. Click here for information about private, semiprivate, and group training at The TopSpin. Group sessions meet at scheduled lesson times, while private or semiprivate classes may be scheduled any day of the week!

[Q]. How do I schedule a private event reservation at The TopSpin?​

[A].  Begin your reservation process by inquiring on our website. Click here to make your event reservation inquiry. Private event rentals of 10-50+ can be accommodated. Catering may be arranged yourself or provided by The TopSpin.

The Help Desk

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